5 Things I’ve Adopted for Good Since Joining Young Living

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5 Things I've adopted for good since joining Young Living

I’m a big believer in the notion that making small changes, one at a time, is the only way to effect real change in your life. When I joined Young Living I thought that I’d start with a few diffuser recipes to enhance my day and see where that left me. But within days of receiving my premium starter kit, I wanted to overhaul everything in my life and home.

I reined myself in—too much change is just too hard to sustain—though I did keep playing around with diffuser blends.

Two months in, however, and I realize that I have made a number of changes that I think will stick.

1) I’m making my own all-purpose house cleaner and loving it.

A friend and I hosted a “Ditch and Switch” event where we helped friends make healthier alternatives to household products they use all the time. All purpose house cleaner was one of the things we tackled. At the event we used the Thieves concentrated cleaner** (so awesome), but after a week of heavy use my sample was completely depleated and my kitchen shone like never before.

Since I’d only just received my Essential Rewards*** order for the month and I needed to wait until March to order the Thieves cleaner , I found a DIY recipe for myself.

Using a 16oz glass spray bottle, I mixed

Then I filled the bottle with distilled water and shook.

To my delight, this not only works amazingly well to clean, but it also smells amazing. And now, when I clean the kitchen counters I don’t feel like I have to rinse and rinse and rinse to get any cleaning residue off the counter.

*Note: The vinegar makes the castille soap turn white and a little clumpy. If you shake it well enough it eventually disolves. Even if it doesn’t the spray still works well. 

2) I’m not really drinking tea anymore in the morning

Shortly after I received my kit, I started feeling a little under the weather. Intent on boosting my immune system as much as possible, I swapped out my morning cup of tea for a morning cup of hot water with a few drops of Lemon Vitality Essential Oil** and Thieves Vitality Essential Oil** mixed with a spoonful of raw honey.

This concoction has rapidly become my new morning go-to. It’s warm, flavorful and, best of all, caffeine free. In fact, I’ve pretty radically reduced my caffeine intake since I started on my Young Living journey. My doctor has been begging me for years to give up at least one of my many daily cups of tea because the caffeine was doing bad things to my body, but I just couldn’t kick the obsession. She’s going to be delighted with the new routine!

3) I’m using baby wipes to clean my face at night

I have pretty sensitive skin and a very low tolerance for things that will make my whole pre-bedtime routine even a moment longer than it ever needs to be. In theory I can use super gentle face wash to clean off my make-up, but ugh, washcloths, and water all down my pajama shirt and all over the bathroom counter. It’s a drag. I’ve been using Mycelar water for a while and each and every time I can’t help but wonder what exactly is in the bottle. What am I slathering on my face and leaving there for the whole night?

One day, just before I placed my Essential Rewards order, I watched a Facebook Live of one of my upline leaders unboxing her order and she raved about the Young Living Seedlings Baby Wipes. She doesn’t have babies, she uses the wipes to clean her face. ‘Worth a try,’ I thought!

Now that I have the wipes, I’m totally sold. They smell like lavender and they clean pretty much all the make-up off my face*. I even catch myself washing my face on nights when I haven’t worn make-up during the day! Shocking, I know!

*I say almost all the make-up because I do have this one stubborn lipstick that only comes off if I use some heavy duty make-up remover. Nothing else I’ve ever tried works, but I’m not done looking!

4) I’ve switched out my toothpaste

I must admit that, when I first signed up for Young Living and the friend who converted me raved about how Essential Rewards was critical so that you never ran out of the household stuff you needed, I might have laughed a bit internally. I was joining for oils! So I could make my own products! And make my house smell good! Young Living products was not something I thought I would get lured into.

Well, making your own toothpaste is a pain, and once you’ve done the research on just how bad fluoride is for you, it’s hard to unknow what you’ve learned. Then, one evening, I heard my friend rave about how the Thieves toothpaste had reversed a potentially gnarly dental situation in her mouth and I thought, ‘huh, I have an actually gnarly mouth situation…wonder if the Thieves toothpaste might help me?’

My mouth situation (auto-immune related) is bad enough that I think it’ll take more than a couple weeks of Thieves toothpaste to help, but whether it does or not, you can pry my Thieves toothpaste out of my cold dead hands. I loooooove the stuff. The flavor is mild and pleasant. The texture is one I’ve coveted since I was a kid and came to visit friends in the US and got to try the old school Arm&Hammer toothpaste. It leaves my teeth feeling delightfully clean all day. ‘Nuff said.

I’m getting the kids’ toothpaste for my daughter in my ER order this month. Sharing the love!

5) I’m using my sleep spray to help me get to sleep

I might be averse to a lengthy bedtime routine, but I’ve been willing to lengthen it to include my night-time diffuser set-up. Some nights I diffuse Stress Away** and Lavender, sometimes it’s Stress Away** and Copaiba, either way, it’s now a critical part of my evening. I turn on the diffuser, get into bed and feel all the stress seep out of my shoulders.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve doubled down and added my magic sleep spray to the mix. It’s a blend of a number of things including Cedarwood which helps trigger the release of melatonin. I love the feeling of the stress leaching away and then sleepiness taking over. Even more, I love the restful sleep that follows.


Little changes, one at a time. Things that anyone and everyone could do too if they were interested in slowly reducing the toxins in their life or simply making healthier choices. Are you?

**These oils are included in the Premium Starter Kit

***Essential Rewards is Young Living’s monthly subscription option. It’s the best way to earn free oils and free gifts. Check it out here.



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