I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours! What’s In Your Essential Rewards Order This Month?

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What's in Your Young Living Essential Rewards Order?

Every month I carefully select what’s going to go in my Young Living Essential Rewards* order. I think about what is running out, what I’ll need for classes I’m hosting, and I ponder what new products I want to bring into my home to replace less-than-healthy products I’d like to ditch. It’s kind of like working on a Christmas list, … Read More

Young Living Essential Oils for Focus

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Improve Your Focus with Essential Oils

Everyone knows that essential oils are great for relaxing, but they’re also amazing when it comes to improving focus. And we can all probably use a little extra focus some days, amirite? There are a number of Young Living* oils that can help give your brain a little boost. You can mix and match them yourself, or get yourself a … Read More

Make Your Own Essential Oil Sleep Support Linen Spray

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Sleep Spray Image

Why a Sleep Support Linen Spray More than anything else, sleep, or rather the lack of sleep, can utterly derail a day. No matter how motivated you are or how much you have to get done, if you haven’t gotten enough sleep, you’re going to struggle. Lack of sleep affects mood, attitude, productivity, and so much more. If you struggle … Read More

Get Your Essential Oil Tshirts Here!

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Love essential oils? There's a tshirt for oil lovers

I have quite a few passions. One of them is essential oils. Duh. Another is designing t-shirts. Recently I’ve married those two loves and I’ve created a number of essential oil t-shirts, you know, the perfect shirts for oily mommas or oil lovers of all types. These shirts come in all shapes and sizes as well as a ton of … Read More