Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

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Sugar Scrub

I like a good scrub to use in the shower. I never feel like my face is fully clean until it’s been exfoliated and since I one morning noticed my chest starting to get all wrinkly (ugh and ew) I’m also careful to scrub that part of my body as well. The challenge is that, of course, most commercial scrubs contain some of the toxins I’m trying to eradicate from our home and some contain microbeads, which are terrible for the environment. So, what’s a girl to do?

Make her own scrub, duh!

This scrub can be made in a matter of minutes, smells amazing, and does wonders for my mood, face, and body. It’s cheap to make and I love that fact that I know exactly what goes into it. The scrub is sugar and sweet almond oil based and contains some Vitamin E oil for extra moisturizing as well as a trio of Essential Oils that are great for skin care.

Essential Oil Infused Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrub Ingredients:

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl before storing in glass containers. Use daily on your face and body.



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