Good, Better, Best: Three Young Living Purchasing Options

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3 ways to buy from Young Living

I have friends who come to me and say, so, wait, how do I buy essential oils if I decide I want some? Do you sell them? Can I get some from you?

It always makes me wonder if they think I stand on dark street corners trying to lure innocent passersby into making oily deals with me.  Which is funny, because anyone who knows me knows that by the time it’s dark, the only place I make deals from is from my couch. Also, while I’m more than happy to hand out samples of oils when I can, I don’t actually have any on hand to sell.

So, how does one actually get their hand on the world renowned Young Living oils? Well, there are really three options to ordering Young Living oils, and all of them start on the Young Living website.

The first option, is the one we like to call the Good option.

You identify what oil or oils you want to buy, place them in your cart, purchase them at full price, and await your order. Simple and to the point.

The second option, is the one we like to call the Better option.

You become a Young Living Member and benefit from 24% off every order after you order a starter kit. Starter kits contain 11 amazing oils to kick start your collection as well as an ultrasonic diffuser so that you can start enjoying their smell and benefits right away.

Young Living Starter Kit

There are actually a wide range of starter kits ranging from $45 to $360, but you can’t beat the value of the Premium kit. You get almost $200 worth of oils plus an $83 diffuser (Dewdrop model) for all of $160! It’s a deal and a half.

Note: When you become a Young Living Member, you don’t have to sell oils, but you can. If you refer someone to Young Living and they use your Member number to place their order, you receive a commission on their purchase. Even if you never ever refer a customer to Young Living, you can still benefit from your 24% discount.

The third option, is the one we like to call the Best option. 

I know, it’s crazy to imagine that there’s a better option than the “Better option,” but there is! It’s the perfect option if you’re the kind of person who likes to receive free gifts or if you’re someone who loves those monthly subscription boxes. Essential Rewards is Young Living’s version of a monthly subscription box, only you get to fully customize your order and you earn rewards for every monthly order you receive.

If you are interested in progressively swapping out all your toxic household products and replacing them with healthier versions or you just know that you’re not going to be satisfied with the basic starter kit, this is definitely the option to choose. You can opt in to Essential Rewards at any time, but the sooner you start, the sooner you start to earn rewards!

The only question that remains is this. Which option will you choose?

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