Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning I don’t know about you, but those are not my favorite two words! Don’t tell my mom, but I still hate cleaning. Don’t get me wrong – I like it when it’s clean. But I really don’t like doing it! That’s why, when I can find hacks that make the process easier, or even…dare I say it…? A … Read More

March Promos

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March Promotions You guys. I have to be really honest today. I got so excited about these promos this month that I almost forgot to do this post! I know, I know. Terrible, right? Well, never fear, I’m here to remedy my mistake! Okay, so what’s so special about these promotions? My friend, if you are asking that question you … Read More

Getting out There

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Gettin’ Out There February is coming to a close (already!?), and it makes for the perfect time to reflect back on how the first couple of months of 2019 have been going. Several of us here at Crooks & Thieves agreed that we wanted to make a point this year of getting out there, spreading our love of the products, … Read More

Ditch & Switch | Beauty

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Beauty Products and Makeup Hey friends! This week we’re going to chat about makeup! I know we touched on this in January, but it’s such an important topic to discuss when we’re ditching our chemicals and switching to non-toxic alternatives. Here’s a short video to give you the highlights of these fantastic products! You can learn all of the details … Read More

Ditch & Switch | Personal Care

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Personal Care I saved this step until later in the series, because it can be a little bit more daunting than the rest, but it is also one of the most important steps. We all have our favorite things. I’m one of the worst as far as personal care, and even I have had my favorite shampoos, conditioners, body sprays, … Read More

Ditch & Switch | Suds’n’Things

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What the Suds? When it comes to taking care what we put on our skin, one area that we cannot ignore is our soaps. We wash our hands daily – some of us more than others, but between dish soap and hand soap, both at home and away, we all come in contact with it at some point. As you may … Read More

Ditch & Switch | Laundry

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Laundry Woes Laundry is another one of those areas that touch everyone in our homes. Like cleaning products and air fresheners or fragrances, our laundry products play an important role in the daily life of everyone in our families, making it another important step in our ditch & switch campaign! For some, making the switch to a healthy, non-toxic laundry … Read More

Ditch & Switch | Fragrances

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The Next Step : Fragrances Houses have a tendency to acquire odors, don’t they? They’re the reason there are entire aisles in the stores dedicated to air fresheners and candles! But have you ever stopped to ask what was in those lovely little things? Tragically, most of those beautiful candles that we love so much are made out of Paraffin, which is … Read More