Getting out There

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Gettin’ Out There

February is coming to a close (already!?), and it makes for the perfect time to reflect back on how the first couple of months of 2019 have been going. Several of us here at Crooks & Thieves agreed that we wanted to make a point this year of getting out there, spreading our love of the products, and bringing new friends and family into the fold as they embraced the wellness lifestyle as well.

In January, we were set up at WellExpo in Madison, WI, and had such a great time! We got to meet so many fun people, and some of them even joined our team!! In spite of the frigid weather, ice and snow, the turnout was great and we cannot wait for WellExpo 2020!!


This past weekend, we did a really fun event in St. Joe, Missouri. It was a much smaller venue than WellExpo, but  that offered the chance to chat with and get to know our neighboring vendors and the attendees, too. We fought yucky weather again, but had a pretty good turnout, and we can’t wait to go to a sister event to this one in March at a larger venue!


Mixed in with our vendor events, we’ve been filling up our class schedule, which has been a bit light in the past. We’re having so much fun getting to visit with our existing members, and meeting their friends and family that they bring to the classes and workshops. Check out our Schedule, and if there’s something in your area, we would love to see you! If you don’t see something that works, reach out to one of us and we can schedule something!!

What About You?

For any of you that are already YL members, what are you doing for yourselves this year? Maybe you’re looking to grow your business, or just replace the harsh and toxic chemicals in your home. Whatever your goals, how are you going about reaching them? What steps are you taking to make them attainable? And what can your upline do to support you? If there’s something you’re needing, make sure you reach out to them!