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We all have those game changers in our lives, right? What are yours? I'd love to know, please share them with me.Mine are Jesus, real whole healthy food, and essential oils. So truth is the Lord gave me both the foods and the oils. So many amazing people or things in my life have come from all three. I tell ya God is good. I had so many health issues, and the Lord said no more in 2009. He pulled the curtain for me and said enough! I am truly thankful! He taught me to make it simple, take out the extra junk, and trust. I learned so much and continue to do so. He's still working on my issues, but different kinds now. It's a process. All of that to say that while the Lord uses the supernatural things to change our lives He also uses the natural. After getting the crummy junk that was making me so sick for 18 years out of my fridge & pantry, I'd also learned about the toxins in products around my home, my skin care, nutritional supplements, cleaning products, makeup, kids products, etc and I'd made some switches, you know good ole vinegar and baking soda, no more stinky plug-ins in the wall, scented candles got the boot, and one by one reading those ingredients in all our stuff to see how inundated our systems were in my family with just garbage. I remember how I used to pride myself in how frugal I was and how I'd get the best deal on our toothpaste, shampoo, or all purpose cleaners meanwhile not realizing all of the toxic garbage I was bringing in my home. So I wanted a resolution. While I'd found somethings or products I liked, in my spirit I could almost feel there was more (oh the Lord had so much more for me). I wanted effective, cost friendly, safe, healthy products that I could either make easily myself or purchase pre-made. I wanted to go natural without compromise. That's where the oils came in for me. I remember first hearing about something called Thieves oil from raw food guru Paul Nison back around 2010. My interest was immediately stirred. I'd read The Makers Diet and essential oils were mentioned in there too. I purchased some lavender to start with at a store. In 2011 I started school to become a certified holistic health coach and I also started working at a locally owned natural supplement and health food store. I thought I hit the mother- load...shelves of essential oils. I began to study them harder. My passion and knowledge grew so fast that the owners of the store asked if I would teach the classes on essential oils. As I used them and studied more I noticed that what I read was not matching up to my experience with results. Then in 2012 my best friend, Cheryl, introduced me to Young Living by sending me three bottles of oils as gifts in December. Not understanding differences in quality, I didn't open them until the following spring of 2013. Almost immediately upon opening the first bottle, which was the blend Thieves, I felt clear minded and happy. Over the next few days of using Thieves as well as the other two which were the blend RC and Frankincense, I knew these were the ones I had read about and studied. They were as precious as gold and I wanted them in my life daily. I called Cheryl and told her to sign me up for whatever she signed for because my prayers had been answered! I waited a year before embracing the business side of Young Living. It's been an absolute privilege educating individuals and families on the plants that the Father in Heaven has gifted us with here on this Earth. I cannot wait to take this journey with you if you so choose. Please feel free to ask questions and contact myself or Ken with any inquiries you may have.

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