Top 4 Uses and Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil

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Top 4 Uses and Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil

Top 4 Uses and Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil




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Ginger has a warm, energizing aroma and  is a nice addition to any collection of oils. Ginger essential oil supports a healthy lifestyle regimen* and can also be a delicious, spicy addition to many recipes. Ginger has many benefits but these are the top four uses and benefits of ginger essential oil:

  1. Calming to upset stomachs and nausea
  2. Pain Relief
  3. Reduces Inflammation
  4. Increases feelings of courage



Calming to Upset Stomach and Nausea

Ginger essential oil supports digestion and is used as a natural remedy for nausea. Ginger’s calming effect helps soothe and calm unsettled digestion that can be due to stress, overindulgence, pregnancy-related nausea, and nausea due to motion sickness.

Try this to get this benefit– To aid in digestion, ginger can be diffused or applied topically over the stomach. Ginger can also be added to a warm bath water to aid in digestion and reduce toxins. One drop of the Ginger vitality oil can be added to a glass of water and sipped slowly.

Pain Relief

Ginger essential oil is a useful antiseptic and it has analgesic properties. Ginger essential oil supports the body’s immune system to help ward off colds and to soothe the pain and discomforts of sore throats and congestion.

Try this to get this benefit-When suffering from a headache or a migraine, Ginger may offer support when combined with a carrier oil and placed on the temples. To help support the body’s respiratory system, one drop of the Ginger vitality oil can also be added to a green tea twice daily.

Infographic Top 4 Uses and Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil

Reduces Inflammation

Ginger essential oil contains anti-inflammatory properties and may offer support to those with arthritis, rheumatism, and muscular aches/pains. Ginger essential oil encourages blood circulation with its anticoagulation properties and it provides a warmth that eases the pain of sore muscles and revives tired muscles.

Try this to get this benefit-To support the body’s ability to relieve joint and muscle pain, try rubbing two to three drops of ginger essential oils over the affected area twice daily. Use a carrier oil for sensitive skin.

Increases Feelings of Courage

Ginger essential oils may support feelings of courageousness and self-assurance. Ginger may lift feelings of general fatigue and may offer support for nervous fatigue or mental confusion.  Ginger oil is a popular essential oil with a warm, energizing aroma that is used for stamina and may even offer support for stimulating libido.

Try this to get this benefit-To boost mood, inhale Ginger essential oil or place two to three drops in a diffuser twice daily. For low libido try applying one to two drops of ginger essential oils on the bottom of the foot or the lower abdomen or add two to three drops of Ginger to a diffuser.


*None of these health benefits have been evaluated or approved by the FDA.  They should not be used in place of personal judgment or medical treatment when needed, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Please consult your physician.

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