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We are now in our 3 week of having Boomer.  Now I can say it is getting a bit easier, but that first week waBoomer babes a killer.  For those of you that have had newborns, it is like having a new baby.  No sleep!  Not having a new puppy for 15 years I was hesitant but yet have always wanted a Golden Retriever and our beloved Buster has now been gone 3 years.   Both of us being a bit home more now and myself working out of the home, it seemed like timing was now.   We had met a breeder of Goldens last summer and her pups were so gentle.   She called us this past fall but timing was not good for us.  When I called her this spring she happened to have 2 males left.  When I called a day later she had 1 male left, so I said we would be there within a day!

Now you never really go just “look” at a puppy do you?  You know once you see them it is a done deal.  There he was all alone in one kennel as his siblings were all gone.  Two females in the next kennel.  Two males in the far kennel.  He was ours, I picked him up and smelled all the puppy goodness and we were off.

We had gotten a crate ahead of time knowing that night time was going to be interesting.  The first night he barked and howled ALL night.   It was bad!  We read up on it and tried a few tricks but I had to take a look at my oils I had on hand.  Having taught many animals classes, I grabbed T-Away.  T-Away is one of the oil blends in our Animal Scents line.  Lavender was my back up as that helps me calm down before sleep.  It is really important to let animals “smell” the oils.   They will tell you whether they like them or not.  Please note, I would not let any other oil on an animal besides Young Living oils nor am I diagnosing for you.   Boomer didn’t care for Lavender but he was drawn to T- Away.  When applying an essential oil on an animal they must be highly diluted as they are little bodies and their skin is not as thick as humans.  I smeared less than a drop in my palm, rubbed them together and went up Boomers back.  I then rubbed the end of his ears and behind the ears.  T-Away was formulated with a soothing scent for your animal to support a new level of emotional freedom and joyful feelings.  And that it did!  The second nite was a bit better, third nite and so forth.  We are now on week 3 and I no longer apply T-Away and he sleeps for about 5.5 hrs each night.  Yeah!

What is so cool about Young Livings Animals Scents line is that a portion of all proceeds from Animal Scents products goes to support Vital Ground, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the habitat of grizzly bears and other wide-roaming wildlife.

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