Boomer’s First Bath

Noreen A. PetersonDogs, Young Living Animal Scents

What puppy or dog for that fact is not constantly rubbing or rolling on the ground?  Hence, was wondering when to give Boomer his first bath and it probably should have been a few weeks ago.  Boomer is now 4.5 months old and really growing, so today was the day!   Every dog reacts different to being in a tub with … Read More

Little Accidents – Thieves Cleaner to the rescue!

Noreen A. PetersonDogs

Having a puppy on board means a whole process of potty training to the outdoors.   We actually got a bit lucky as Boomer was born in an outdoor kennel.  Thus we have had a few accidents, but not to the extent of putting down newspaper or those puppy pads.  Although, you need to be on the lookout of making sure … Read More