Oils, Boomer & Me

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Hello, my name is Noreen and I’m excited to share my experiences with Young Living oils and products gearing towards animals since I am an Independent Distributor with this company for the past 4.5 years.

My Journey with Young LivingBoomer1

I had known about Young Living Essential oils but just didn’t get it the “oily” thing.  A friend of mine shared her lemon oil when I was at her house and I loved it in my water.  Now maybe I could be a better water drinker.  Just maybe!  Speed forward 5 years or so.  Owning my own furniture refurbishing company, (I painted furniture) people would comment on entering my shop how I could tolerate the smells of paint and some solvents.  Well it really made me think as at that point being “self” employed I had no health insurance.  It was important for me to maintain healthy, as if I didn’t work no money was coming in the door to pay bills.   So I contacted a gal that I had know thru many vendor events and she dealt with those “oils”.  Upon my first class, I got it!  But most important I understood that I could build a team, in fact a team anywhere in the world and Young Living had products for everyone.  I dove in and started sharing the oils with everyone including all my customers that entered my shop and the “smell” of the shop went away.  People were impressed and eager for knowledge on eliminating chemicals out of their lives.  I started teaching classes as it was important and part of the Young Living culture to really teach people on proper use of the oils and why the Young Living Seed to Seal process was so important as there are so many copycat companies out there.  (www.seedtoseal.com)

My team started growing and chose to close my furniture shop as it was playing a toll on my physical body and teaching about Young Living was exciting and a new venture!  So here we are 4.5 years into Young Living and my passion has always been the use of the products with animals.  We just welcomed in our household – Boomer!  Boomer is a Golden Retriever and is now 11 weeks old.  We are accumulating many stories about him so far so I will start sharing and use of the oils and supplements.  Our household also contain 2 elder cats (Mia and Sammy).  They are brothers and really not impressed with all the energy of Boomer.   Topics will also contain use on horses as we have lots of horse people in our group.  Enjoy and welcome on our journey!