Dental Care for your Animals

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Dental care is important for your animals.  Young Livings Animal Scents Dental Chews are a fast and convenient way to clean your dog’s teeth and freshen their breath. Did you  know that the national average for a young dog’s teeth cleaning can start at $200?  If deep cleaning and extractions are needed, the cost could rise closer to $400 to $700 per … Read More

Little Accidents – Thieves Cleaner to the rescue!

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Having a puppy on board means a whole process of potty training to the outdoors.   We actually got a bit lucky as Boomer was born in an outdoor kennel.  Thus we have had a few accidents, but not to the extent of putting down newspaper or those puppy pads.  Although, you need to be on the lookout of making sure … Read More

Oils, Boomer & Me

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Hello, my name is Noreen and I’m excited to share my experiences with Young Living oils and products gearing towards animals since I am an Independent Distributor with this company for the past 4.5 years. My Journey with Young Living I had known about Young Living Essential oils but just didn’t get it the “oily” thing.  A friend of mine … Read More