Landing Page? Yep, YLDist Has It


 Yes, Your Website Comes With a Landing Page

All of’s replicated Young Living websites come with a landing page that can be used right away, without doing anything – because it is simply an extension off of your main URL.

A lot of folks like to use this page as a quick introduction and a first step for their prospects in viewing their website and of course this is optional.

Would you like to see how one looks?  Our demo website has one and you can view it here:

Notice that each of those plus symbols (+) open up to information!

If you are a YLDist website owner you have this right now.  Just add the /learn-more at the end of your website address and see what yours looks like.

The screenshot below has been trimmed to show you a sampling – but yours has your chosen background and is also be subject to any of the color and font customization that you may have selected for your website.