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PrintWe always come back to this subject… sweet dreams…
Of course in times of stress and expectations, lots to do and lots to think about. Sometimes we leave our path of patience and a relaxed mindset. These times are our best teachers.
What is it that is upsetting, that is stressing me. These are not the other ones… no be honest. It is you. You are stressed, less sleep, less sunshine and holiday expectations.

Yes, less sleep. 🙁 Next to all the other states we are in, sleep is soooo important. For you, for kids also for pets. Well, this handsome little guy is Mr T. or Tucker, a real character with lots of things he dislikes (and let us know) and others that he can tolerate…. a cat, of course.

So for us, talking about bedtime routine, lavender does its miracles. In the diffuser, as a spray or rubbed in my hands and after counting to 10, stroking into Tuckers fur… it is the ONE for a wonderful night rest. Cedarwood works as well. Peace and Calming as mentioned in the recipe is WONDERFUL … not only for sleepy times, but also during the day if there is something upsetting, for example fireworks.


Pets can really get stressed with fire works, thinking about 4th of July or, new years eve.

So what is important for toddlers, and little children up to 6 years, is also important for pets. They are smaller than us adults, so please dilute the Essential Oils. Dilution means, use a FATTY OIL like V6, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil or Avocado Oil. WATER will push the Essential Oil deeper into the tissues of our body.

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