Name: Cornelia Mikolash
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Phone: +1 385 368 3287
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Hi, I am Cornelia Mikolash, originally from Germany, where I had my holistic medicine practice. Now being here since 2015, I love to share and educate about a more healthy lifestyle, find the hidden toxins that are messing with our bodies and eliminate them with simple solutions.

Everything that surrounds us, everything we apply topically and take internally. It all has an effect on our well being. Using Essential Oils gives access to a fundamental source of nature with natural balancing benefits. Using Essential Oils is actually a huge step to reconnect to old and long forgotten knowledge of nature. They have the ability to support many areas of our lives and remove toxins that are detrimental to our health.

The beauty is, you do not have to be a Natural Health Practitioner or Aromatherapist to use high quality therapeutic grade Essential Oils to benefit your life, product quality is key. They almost immediately enter your cells. If Essential Oils are altered, poorly diluted, distilled or from plants treated with fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides or herbicides - these toxins become ingredients.

I found my passion in empowering people to help themselves. Those who are open, I invite to this journey of a more healthy and well balanced lifestyle with more natural choices.

You decide the pace. You decide where to start. The only mistake that you can make is, NOT to start to remove toxins.

The first step is your decision!

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