DIY Makeup Brush cleaner

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DIY brush cleaner
We all know that our makeup brushes need to be cleaned—at least every once in a while. But are you worried about the harsh chemicals in commercial cleaners or if cleaning will loosen the glue and make the bristles shed? We’ve got three easy ways to clean your makeup brushes using Young Living products. Makeup brushes don’t need deep cleaning every time, so we offer two cleaning tips for in between uses and one essential-oil infused solution for when you want to make your brushes really clean. All you need are a few Thieves cleaning products on hand and some essential oils. Just make sure that you store your brushes laying on a flat surface while drying! Do not store makeup brushes with bristles up. Water can damage/ weaken glue and cause early shedding of bristles.

These following are great ways to clean the brushes, here is another cleaning hack, how I clean my brushes EVERYDAY:
Seedlings baby wipes:
every brush that I use, I wipe off a Seedlings baby wipe (I also use them in so many other ways, lets talk about that in a different post)

Click on the picture above OR here, to find the Video instructions and recipe!