Finca Victoria: our new farm in Mexico

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welcome a new farm in Mexico

Welcome a new farm: Finca Victoria in Mexico

I am excited about this new farm … for Lime and Grapefruit Essential Oil. So how to use them? Both are available in our two Essential oil lines: the vitality line (with white labels) for internal use and the line (colorful labels) for topical and aromatic use!

This is how I use Grapefruit and Lime:


  • 1-2 dr each in a shot of Ninxia Red: Grapefruit, Lime and Lemon
  • 1 dr in a glass (NO PLASTIC) of water
  • 1-2 dr in a gel capsule as a dietary supplement after a fatty meal
  • for fruit salads
  • in a guacamole, or asian food (lime)
  • in my smoothie
  • in a fresh juice

or topical and aromatic:

  • 5-6 dr in a diffuser for an uplifting atmosphere
  • 1 dr in my hands as hand inhalation
  • rub 1-2 drops on my belly and rib cage (below the chest)

Find them here in the catalog!  or get yours here!

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