Caffeine-free Coffee Substitutes

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Ok, so I have quit coffee countless times, only to come crawling back, lured by the warmth, the aroma and yes, the energy. Not to mention that there are really are conflicting opinions about coffee and some research supporting the fact that coffee, in moderation, could even be helpful to the body.

But… right now I’m rebuilding my adrenals (I’ll cover that awesome process in a later post), and I know that caffeine is a bandaid masking my true condition. So I have officially been off of coffee for 2 months. The thing I’m doing different than before is finding yummy substitutes. I never seemed to be able to find anything that satisfied my coffee craving before now. Maybe I’ll never go back… maybe.

First, I start by making my own Almond Milk. Sounded daunting, but it’s really easy and not that time consuming. Store bought nut milks have ingredients I can’t pronounce and things like carrageenan, which is a known carcinogen.  Here’s my recipe, along with a nut milk bag I really like:

Almond Milk recipe card

Then, I alternate between Garden of Life’s Golden Milk (which is super fast and easy) and my #1 favorite at the moment: Mushroom Maca Mocha. Mushrooms are adaptogens, so they are really nourishing for the adrenals. Maca is great for the hormones, libido and the reproductive system. And cacao… well, chocolate just speaks for itself. Here’s my recipe. I hope you enjoy!

Mushroom Maca Mocha