Name: Jan & John Horne
Member #: 1391586
Phone: 678.631.8050
We were first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils by a family member and right away began to enjoy the products. At that time, our involvement with Young Living was as an Essential Rewards member and that was all we thought our involvement with Young Living would be; well… what a difference a few years can make. We are so passionate about the lifestyle products that we are privileged to use every day and we use them to support our healthy body systems such as our respiratory system, our endocrine system and for immune support. We use essential oils in our diffuser to support a healthy home environment, apply them topically, use our vitality oils in our foods/beverages, in our personal care/makeup, in our nutritional supplements, and have replaced our chemical household cleaners with the Thieves line of products (a must have in every home!) What has this journey toward living a chemical free lifestyle done for us? It has taught us to be more mindful of what we consume (both emotionally and physically) as well as what we allow into our home and into our bodies. We read labels of products that we bring into our home, we choose organic and home grown fruits and vegetables, we live an active lifestyle (we are competitive ballroom dancers) and each day we are intentional in living a lifestyle of wellness, abundance and purpose. We invite you to contact us to learn more about living your best life; a life we call… the LightChangers LifeStyle!

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