My Young Living Journey

Lisa JockCategories, Life

Hi! I am Lisa and I am happy to share my Young Living journey with you as an independent distributor.

I was introduced to Network Marketing in my early 20’s and joined the company.  I knew there was potential to “Own Your Life” to have time, money and health to do the things you love, but I didn’t quite have the knowledge or the skills or even the mentors and literally the upline and downline faded away.

Now, it was about 10 years later, I am desperate and searching for a Network Marketing Company.  I was approached by two different  companies but neither captured my heart.

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is something we do everyday and do not get paid for.  Yes, that’s right.  We all recommend a dentist, doctor, restaurant, hairdresser or a movie, but have any one of those ever paid you?  No.  Well, in network marketing, they pay you for your recommending products or services that people buy.  Here is a video that explains it a bit more:  Network Marketing

You see, my world was turned upside down when we lost everything from a house fire.  From a remodeled home to being homeless we had to move our family of 7 into my parent’s 4 bedroom home.

My husband Glen is an Iron Worker by trade and made the sacrifice every week traveling 7-10 hours away, working 8-16 hours a day and sleeping in , bed bug, cock roach and rat infested raggedy hotels.  Every week we had to hold back the tears, put a smile on our face, hugs and kisses for everyone and wave until we couldn’t see the car.

I just wanted to bring him home.  I kept asking myself, there has to be something better than this.

With all this stress, I became so sick that I was sleeping sitting up.  The doctors put me on one pill then another and you know the drill, if it doesn’t work, come back.  Well I just happen to be home one day and the TV was on in the background.  A commercial came on and they named the pill I was on, which caught my attention.  I then heard the mention of side effects, not watching the TV but having an ear on it, I heard heart attack and death.

That was my Wake Up Call!  The start of my health and wellness journey!

Join me as I take you on an amazing adventure!