Where Do We Begin?

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Where do we begin?

Clean Living!

When I started my health and wellness journey we had just bought our first computer and signed up for dial-up internet, we had no other options.  If you can remember, searching for anything took hours and not only that, I was new to the computer which was a big learning curve.

I have to tell you though, starting my new venture with Young Living really helped me discover a wealth of health information.  My upline was passionate about health as well.  She did not vaccinate her second child and was searching for ways to keep him and her family Living Above the Wellness Line.  This was awesome because she shared an abundance of jaw dropping, eye opening information that expanded our minds.  I traveled 3 hours and 45 minutes to her 2 hour educational monthly meetings, usually by myself, for 3 years.  Yes, that’s right!  I was hungry, as I too wanted my family to Live Above the Wellness Line.

That Wake Up Call, led me searching for the TRUTH.  I would ask myself, is this TRUE?  I would then listen and tune into my body and pay attention to the feeling or sensation that was happening inside.  It’s not always the “gut” feeling, it is more of what you feel in your heart.  What feeling you ask?  The good feeling, which indicates your on the right path, or the not so good feeling, your not on the path.  Here is where your answers lie.  Here is the where you will always know the truth.

So maybe you had a Wake Up Call and are now searching and overwhelmed.  Don’t worry.  I have enclosed some resources here as a quick simplified easy to read and understand guide for you to hang on your fridge, as a reminder for you and your family.  You will find some great quotes like,

The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. Ann Wigmore

There is a list of Best Choices, Movies, the good foods and the not so good foods, sugars, GMO’s and so much more! Here are the documents:

http://Clean Living.pdf

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I also included a video to help you understand how and where the chemicals are.  I hope you are finding this informative and look forward to sharing more with you!