I’m not a gambler!

JoyceA good thing!

If you stopped to list all the things that go on your skin in a 24 hour period you would be shocked at the number of chemicals that we expect our liver to filter out every day.  Have you read the label on your shower gel, shampoo, shaving lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, hair products, mouthwash, foot powder, tooth whiteners,… need I … Read More

Helping Others

JoyceA good thing!

Isn’t it soooo fun to be able to help others? I guess that helping others might be considered my one “talent” or gift from God.  I remember as a youngster I’d go to work with my dad who was a carpenter at the time and I always knew exactly the tool he would need next and I’d have it handy … Read More

You always smell so good!

JoyceA good thing!

I’ve never been much for using perfumes. So many times the perfumes I smelled on other people bothered me or just smelled funny to me. I figured if their perfume bothered me then maybe mine bothered someone else, so generally I opted for no perfume.  I still do not wear perfume but I keep hearing “you always smell so good.” … Read More

Have you had your oil changed lately?

JoyceA good thing!

You take your car in every 3,000 miles faithfully for an oil change. They empty out all the old, dirty oil, remove the filter and put on a new one then they put in new, clean oil?  Why? Because your engine needs clean lubricant to make it run smoothly and last as long as possible.  If there is dirt in … Read More

Lighten the Load

JoyceA good thing!

There doesn’t ever seem to be a slow down in life. We have things we put off until things slow down in the winter or until the kids get in school or once the holidays are over or… But then life stays so busy we often don’t get to those projects and things just keep piling up until we have … Read More

Never Sick Again!


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we never got sick again?  Yes, I would love that and I think we can certainly minimize the time we are sick. We are continually bombarded by chemicals so getting sick is part of life but we can build our immunes system up so our body has a better chance of warding off what most … Read More


JoyceA good thing!

I did my first workshops today!!! Instead of doing just one and starting out slowly I went all out and did two in one day.  Now I’m excited! I gained confidence that I can do this again and I’d love to do it soon since it’s fresh in my head.  I got a call from a friend last week asking … Read More

Taking time for me

JoyceA good thing!

Taking time for me has never been a priority for me. I’m not a high maintenance kind of girl. I don’t require new things all of the time like many women I know. I’m content with a little blush on my cheeks and mascara on my lashes and a brush through my hair and I’m set for the day. Doing … Read More


JoyceA good thing!

A niece and I are planning a party for the first of Dec. and we’re going to serve only food made with essential oils.  Until we came up with this idea I had no idea that there were that many recipes to try.  I got on pinterest for starters and of course and found dozens of recipes that I will … Read More