Leadership Learned

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Everyone is a leader is one way or another, we all have a story to tell. Some people you can impact in a way I never could and we have an obligation to influence those God brought into our lives for good and for God. Some leaders have great followings and others have just a few. We must realize that … Read More

Never Sick Again!

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we never got sick again?  Yes, I would love that and I think we can certainly minimize the time we are sick. We are continually bombarded by chemicals so getting sick is part of life but we can build our immunes system up so our body has a better chance of warding off what most … Read More

What makes us different?

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There are a lot of essential oils companies out there right now. It seems it’s the in thing but not all essential oils are created equal.  Gary Young is the authority on how to distill the plants to get the highest quality oils and he uses no chemicals to achieve that.  He knows the temperature that is required and the … Read More

Have you noticed ?

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Have you noticed how long the advertisements are for medications?  The list of side effects and “if you experience any of these… contact your doctor immediately” advice is incredible. Why do we think that drugs are the answer? Why are we so hesitant to try the natural route because we don’t know how it will effect us?  We have been … Read More