Does life ever slow down?

Joyce VromanA good thing!

We think with the change of season that things will slow down. When the kids get in school, when the gardening is done, when the canning is done, when… but it never stops.  There is always more to do than there seems to be time and energy for but somehow we get done what is really important.  As for the energy, we go to bed exhausted only to start the rat race all over again the next day.  How can we slow down?  It doesn’t seem possible to cut things out completely or even temporarily. Yet we can’t continue at this pace or we will experience burn out.  This is life as we know it.  Even our vacations are running and doing until we need a vacation from our vacation.  Last night was wonderful. My husband and I wrapped ourselves into sleeping bags and sat out watching the eclipse of the moon.  No lights, no noise, no television… just watching the wonder of creation.  The stars were so beautiful and it was so peaceful. It was just a couple of hours but it was great to wind down before bed, then sleep soundly…

UNTIL 4:30 a.m. when the skunk made their appearance.  We have had something rooting in our lawn for several weeks now and we couldn’t catch the culprit. We even tried trail cams but apparently the skunk are camera shy.

The smell was outrageous!  I got out my diffuser and ran purification and peppermint and that cleared the air enough to go back to sleep.  I have been running the diffusers all day today just to see how I liked the Fall diffuser recipes I discovered on pinterest called “Thanksgiving” and “Flannel shirt”.  I am so grateful for people that can put things together to make it easier for me.  I’m a creative person in many areas but when there is an easier way I will surely take it.

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year and I love it.  I don’t look forward to the cold weather that follows but then again it sometimes gives me the excuse I need to stay home and work on one of those many “creative” projects I’ve started and just don’t find much time to get done.

Enjoy Life!  Live intentionally!  Take time to care for yourself!