Have you had your oil changed lately?

Joyce VromanA good thing!

You take your car in every 3,000 miles faithfully for an oil change. They empty out all the old, dirty oil, remove the filter and put on a new one then they put in new, clean oil?  Why? Because your engine needs clean lubricant to make it run smoothly and last as long as possible.  If there is dirt in there and your oil breaks down so the lubricating properties are gone, it can cause all kinds of problems and your engine will wear out before it’s time.  If the oil is old it no longer keeps the moving parts moving freely.

So your body is not mechanical but it has some very intricate parts that require fluid and lubrication. Pain and inflammation sets in when we don’t take care of ourselves properly and before long and we can no longer function like we want to or need to.  How many people do you know that have worn out before their time?  Of course only God knows the quantity of our life but much of the quality is up to us.

When you take your car in for that oil change is it running the whole time?  No, they pull it in a bay, turn the key off, let it rest on the lift and let out all that old dirty oil.  We need to do at least that much for our bodies, well not literally of course, but you know what I mean.  We run hard and fast for days, weeks and even years without taking a break and allowing our body time to rest and recuperate. The only time we take time off is when we have a break down when we become too sick to go on. If we’d only taken short breaks along the way maybe we could have prevented some of that major down time and actually enjoyed our time off instead of spending it flat on our back feeling horrible.

Why don’t we take at least as good care of our bodies as we do our car?