Lighten the Load

Joyce VromanA good thing!

There doesn’t ever seem to be a slow down in life. We have things we put off until things slow down in the winter or until the kids get in school or once the holidays are over or… But then life stays so busy we often don’t get to those projects and things just keep piling up until we have collected so many projects that there is no way we can get to all of them.  Well along with that each project comes with its own set of supplies so those things begin to clutter up your space and make you feel overwhelmed.  I guess I have reached that point and I’ve begun getting rid of a lot of things that are good and I can’t throw them away so the local resale shop gets them and they love me. More importantly,  I love the space it has freed up and the way I feel from getting out from under all those projects that were being held over my head.  Many of those projects were out of date or not something I even wanted to do any more. So why was I saving that stuff?  I even unsubscribed to many emails I was getting on a regular basis and not because they weren’t good, they are and that is why I subscribed to them in the first place, but a person has just so many hours in a day.  We have to take charge of our lives and decide just what is important and what isn’t. I do have projects I really want to get done so those will stay on the list but they are on the back burner right now because there are more immediate needs at this time.  Priorities!

Happy New Year! What a great time to get a fresh start.  So what are you doing to make this a better year than last? What are your goals? What is the plan to accomplish those goals?  Where does your health fit in? When feel your best it makes every day better and you accomplish more than you ever thought possible.  Wouldn’t it be incredible to be able to say at the end of 2016 that you stuck to your new years resolutions and you’re a better person because you took charge of your life and made the necessary changes that allowed you to implement your plans?  Resolutions fail because we don’t have a plan. Life is short and without a plan it comes to an end before you have made the difference you had hoped to make.

Projects, Priorities and Plans.  Let’s do this!