What makes us different?

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There are a lot of essential oils companies out there right now. It seems it’s the in thing but not all essential oils are created equal.  Gary Young is the authority on how to distill the plants to get the highest quality oils and he uses no chemicals to achieve that.  He knows the temperature that is required and the … Read More

So many resources

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There are so many places to get the information we need, trusted places and FDA compliant places.  I plan to include some of them here for you. My favorite of course is https://www.youngliving.com from here you can learn all about what is happening at Young Living. You can look up each product, you can learn about Gary and Mary Young, you … Read More

Your head is your toe ???

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Isn’t that the strangest thing? Your big toe represents your head. On your ear there are points that correlate to your emotions as well as your body parts.  Of course we’ve known all along that your vertebrae coincide with your organs so it makes sense that when you have something out of place it will effect other parts of your … Read More

Spending time with oilers

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What a great day again today at one of Shannon Hudson’s Young Living conferences. Shannon always does it up right.  Everyone that went to the convention in Texas earlier this month came back so excitement but also with so much helpful information, and they all did such a wonderful job communicating those lessons to rest of us.  With so many … Read More

First Blog

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Hi, my name is Joyce, I have never done anything like this before,  but since getting involved with Young Living I keep finding myself doing things I never would have thought of doing before, and I am learning. Now that my brain functions better than ever, I can learn like never before and I’d like to use this medium to … Read More