You always smell so good!

Joyce VromanA good thing!

I’ve never been much for using perfumes. So many times the perfumes I smelled on other people bothered me or just smelled funny to me. I figured if their perfume bothered me then maybe mine bothered someone else, so generally I opted for no perfume.  I still do not wear perfume but I keep hearing “you always smell so good.” It’s nice to know that that smell is also helpful to me as well as all those around me.  Let’s talk about Peppermint for example. If I need to pay real close attention at a lecture or I need to retain information and be alert, I apply a couple of drops of peppermint to my left hand, rub my hands together, hold them to my face and take a deep breath, repeating this 3 times, and it always amazes me how it awakens my brain and creates an alertness I didn’t know was possible. Now you know that those around me are benefitting from my peppermint as well because that’s just how they work.

Then there’s Joy, one of my favorite “perfumes” that is so uplifting, it’s named very appropriately because that is the feeling it creates, joy.  You can’t be down for long after taking in the smell of Young Living’s essential oil blend called Joy. I could go on and on about the different oils I have come to love but we’re all different and you will just have to experience them yourself and decide what your favorites are.  If you’re like me that list of favorites changes and grows over time.

But there’s more to this smell. Essential oils get into every cell in your body very quickly, in the matter on minutes after applied topically. Now I’m no scientist but there is real scientific studies that tell us that the oils can pass through the blood-brain barrier in seconds.  Essential oils are complex and contain anywhere from 80 to 300 or more different chemical constituents and although we don’t fully understand all the chemistry we know their therapeutic potential is enormous and we’re learning more all the time how useful they are in every area of our lives.

If essential oils were good enough for the Christ child then maybe we should be more open about using them in our lives.

What if…?