New Premium Start Kit for 2019!!

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This! In the six years we have been using Young Living to support our family’s health and wellness this is the best and most value packed way to begin a life of Wellness, Purpose and Abundance. Contact for more information as to how you can start your own personal journey to sustained wellness.

12 Days of Christmas Diffuser Blends

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Day 1: To Grandmother’s House “Over the river and through the woods” to diffusing bliss you go! This essential oil blend smells like a frost-covered pine forest. Mittens and down coats are optional.

10 legit uses for essential oils (that sound fake)

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Did you know essential oils can give you a fresh pillowcase, a sparkling clean microwave, and smooth skin? It’s true—they’re great in these ways and more! Packed with numerous benefits, essential oils have untapped potential in every bottle. Check out these totally legit uses. 1. Steam-clean your microwave. Mix 4 drops of Lemon essential oil and 2 cups of water in a microwave-safe bowl. Then place the bowl in the microwave, and microwave it … Read More

4 ways to support women’s heart health

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4 ways to support women’s heart health Your heart races when you feel excited, slows when you relax, and beats steady and strong when you feel safe and loved. It’s your constant companion and the drumbeat to your life. Did you know that if you live to be 100 years old, your heart will have beaten about 3,786,978,960 times? That’s nearly 4 billion heartbeats! Obviously, your heart works hard to care … Read More

DIY men’s cologne

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Some men live to conquer Mount Everest and wrestle polar bears, and some would rather roll down hills and make balloon animals with the kids. Whatever your day job or hobbies, this DIY men’s cologne will help you find the fragrance that captures the best version of yourself, whether that be Indiana Jones or James Bond. Making cologne from essential oils doesn’t take an ancient discovery or a complicated heist. All … Read More

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Essential Oils and Pets: A Quick How-To You love to share essential oils with your family, so it makes sense that you want to share them with your pets as well! Before you begin using essential oils for pets, you need to know the answers to some important questions: Can you use essential oils on dogs, cats, and other pets the same way you use them on yourself? How much should … Read More

4 Scent boosters for great-smelling clothes

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Laundry tips: 4 scent boosters for great-smelling clothes Laundry: It’s a necessary evil. Sometimes getting everything clean means setting aside a whole day! But having a stack of your favorite great-smelling clothes to choose from is well worth the effort. Did you know you can add a little luxury to your wardrobe and make laundry more enjoyable by using essential oils? These four scent-boosting laundry blends will have you feeling as fresh … Read More

7 Day Meal Plan for the Summer

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Blog-7 Habits_JeS_0616_

All the fresh produce available during the summertime makes it a great time to refresh your nutrition and wellness goals. We asked Young Living Brand Ambassador and author of The Body Doesn’t Lie, Vicky Vlachonis to help us put together a seven-day meal plan that takes advantage of the farmer’s market and puts you back on track to vitality. From breakfast to dinner and snacks in between, we’ve got you covered! … Read More