Name: Greta LaBorde
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Hi! We are Richard and Greta LaBorde. We started our wellness journey in 2011, after one of our parents suffered a stroke. Since then, we've learned about how we could transform our lives through exercise, food choices and portion control, essential oils and oil infused supplements, and now even by changing our personal care products.

We've maintained complete wellness for over four and a half years, only using Therapeutic Grade essential oils & supplements, in addition to our regular exercise, and wise food choices. I'm 50 years old, this year, and have never felt better in my life. I lost forty pounds, in the first year and a half, without the use of any commercial diet programs or joining any gyms! Let me help you start your wellness journey today.

In the last three years, we've had three family members diagnosed and two pass away from neurological and muscular diseases, even though none of these diseases existed in our genetic history, as far back as we've been able to trace. I am convinced and now help others, choose real food, and plant-based products to support their bodies, instead of genetically modified and harsh chemical laden foods and products.

You can do this and we can help! To start, purchase your Young Living Premium Starter Kit, today, and we can go from there. We will teach you how to ditch and switch the foods and products that contain harsh chemicals, to foods and products that support your body and all of it's systems. Wellness is easy and affordable. It may even lead you to a life of abundance in areas you never dreamed of!

Start today, by click the Order Now button. Then contact us! We want to help!

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