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As a veterinarian for the last 20 years, I have enjoyed serving animals and their owners by helping them to recover and overcome health challenges. I discovered that my passion is to educate people, too, on healthy living so that everyone can fulfill their passions and dreams and not be benched, sitting out the game due to health issues that might have been averted or overcome with a different, more natural, lifestyle. If my clients were healthier, then their families and pets would also enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Essentially Devoted to Wellness was birthed out of this passion to pursue and educate others with the balanced goals of healthy hearts, homes, bodies, souls, and animals. Steps toward wellness include a good, nutritious diet, regular, brief periods of exercise, removing toxins from our bodies and the environment, and then supporting our body systems with natural things, such as high quality supplements and essential oils, to help us cope with the daily stressors that we all face living on planet earth.

I believe that in His creation, God made the plants and their unique qualities for a reason. Since I have used them for support, I have seen so many examples of how lives are made better with just one drop of oil.

My desire is to share these precious oils with as many people as I can, so that they can live a brighter, more fulfilling life with joy, energy, strength, and passion to achieve their own goals and dreams. People as a whole want these things deep down in their hearts, but the only thing stopping their success is a lack of knowledge. What they need is a coach to stand beside them to educate, encourage, and support them until they have the skills and tools they need to make different choices, better choices. I hope that you would join with me on this journey towards better health as we focus on making small changes that will to lead to great, big wins in the game of life.

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