Name: Mary Slight
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As a massage therapist for over 20 years, I have come to know the benefits of essential oils. I have experienced their power in massages I have received myself and given to others. Once I realized how easy it is to get started with the everyday oils, I began using them in my practice and at home. The more I used them, the more results I witnessed, and the more I was inspired to share Young Living Essential Oils with others.

I use them daily for myself, my family and my clients. We diffuse oils almost every day to boost our immune systems, purify the air, or provide an uplifting mood. I use them with my kids to help focus at school, stay healthy and for a restful night’s sleep. I love using them around the house to decrease the number of chemicals (e.g. cleaning products) we come in contact with. I really enjoy teaching others and teach classes often (click here for class list). I have fallen in love with the Young Living essential oils and I hope you do too!

In 2016 I will donate 10% of my profits from sharing essential oils to organizations that work to stop human trafficking.

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