The Moon’s Phases and Me

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“Mom, what are some of your random thoughts?” asked my 10-year-old son while I was deep in my mundane tasks of the day. I stopped to think and I couldn’t think of one random thought so I said, “I don’t know if I have random thoughts anymore because I’m usually worrying about all of you kids, but when I think of one, I’ll let you know.”

Then when I was having a quiet moment, looking out the window, at the gorgeous mesmerizing full moon setting around 4am (I just love always being awake between the hours of 3-6am thanks to motherhood) I had a random thought so I had to write it down.

I have always been captivated by the moon and practically celebrate each full moon. (Who doesn’t ooooh and aaahhh and howl and dance and travel anywhere every month just to catch the best glimpse of the magnificent full moon?) I know a lot of people who feel this way. I remember my grandmother and I would take walks precisely at 6:30pm after dinner each night, arm in arm down streets of Staten Island to “assist digestion” my grandmother would say, and to enjoy one another’s company.  My grandmother and I loved to take in the moon’s brilliance for the night (It wasn’t proper to lay your head down for the night before adoring the moon to say goodnight.)

It occurred to me at the 2017 U.S. total solar eclipse, and seeing the north eastern partial eclipse myself, that I loved the moon deeply as it affects me physically because I became emotional throughout the whole process (in how God almighty created the moon for a significant purpose.) So, prior to that, I just figured I had a natural appreciation for the beautiful luminary dominating the night sky, come to realize that the moon is a designed cycle of events.

What I’m about to write is that random thought I had. It certainly is not scientific (hey, it can happen 😉 ) but seems to satisfy the soul none the less.

The moon’s phases remind me of my female phases. Follicular, Ovulation, Luteal, and Menstruation.

Follicular is what I’d compare to a New Moon. The New Moon is a fresh start. The slate is clean. Damage is done. Forgive and forget, dance, eat, drink, and be merry. You are not under the radar and you couldn’t care less if you were.

Ovulation is what I’d compare to a Waxing Crescent moon. You’re in anticipation of something wonderful. You’re excited and aroused at the head start of all the possibilities and dreams you desire to attain. You are easily climaxed out of sheer pleasure.

Luteal is what I’d compare to a Waxing Gibbous moon. You’re irritable and feel like the world is upon your shoulders. You are so bloated and yet nothing satisfies your veracious appetite  You may just bust and possibly even kill someone who gets in your way for no other reason than because their face annoyed you.

Menstruation is what I’d compare to the Glorious Full Moon. Your flow has begun and you’ve released all hell. You shine your proud heart out because you are free. So help you God if you ever have to go through this again. You are full in all your glory. You admire and respect yourself, and you’re here to prove it to the world!

Waning Gibbous Moon is compared to the steady release of the flow. You’re in no mood to be tested at this time. You need a good book and a glass of wine and that is all because you completely forget that food exists. You call out of work because darn it you’re bleeding! Who in their right mind says it’s OK to work under these conditions!?

Waning Crescent Moon is compared to End of Flow. You may as well be in New Moon, but you still slightly resent what you just went through. You’re not quite ready to forgive and forget or let bygones be bygones. So, you rest soundly because you no longer are a prisoner to cramps, pads, or tampons.

As a woman (been fertile for 30+ years now) I can count on my Aunt Flo to show up right on time every 28-30 days and that she’ll stay just shy of a week. Prior to her visit I get irritable and take my frustrations out in various ways such as uncontrollable crying at any given moment, for no particular reason; I’ll binge eat because oddly, the anticipation of Aunt Flo’s arrival declares it’s dire to eat “all of the food” just in case the world would no longer produce…… any; Or when something that normally upsets me at any other given time of the month, like my husband leaves his dirty socks on the family room floor…….all the time, or my grown daughter doesn’t check in for way over a few hours, a friend reads into my words, husband leaves his dirty socks on the kitchen table, too many appointments all at once, politics, everyone leaves their dirty dish in the sink, laundry is forgotten, John’s dirty socks are in the dogs mouth and he has the nerve to yell at the dog, the dryer breaks, etc. is no longer just bothersome but a full-blown state of emergency. Therefore, God help anyone (John :p) who walks into my path during that time, that I don’t so much as burn them to a crisp with my laser-beam eyes.

This is also known as Premenstrual syndrome. In a given day or month, a woman’s body will have fluctuations in hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol. While fluctuations in hormones are completely normal, some cases may need medical attention while others still just need a simple change in lifestyle which can and have eased some of my symptoms. Because I always suffered with PMS, I was grateful to learn that I could have a measure of control just by:

  1. Eating healthy fats like coconut oil, CBD oil, and avocado oil which are high in Omega-3s. (Your body can’t make these, you have to eat them.)
  2. Prioritizing sleep because when we sleep, our bodies are recharging, creating hormones, and removing toxins.
  3. Became wise in taking supplements since our food supply is contaminated with chemicals and depleted in nutrients. Adding Vit D3 and Magnesium was vital to my daily intake because my blood tests showed that I’d been severely low in Vit. D and you can’t absorb Magnesium and Calcium or Vit C without normal levels of Vit D3 in your system.
  4. Doing relaxing exercises like walking, yoga, swimming, and following along to my favorite low impact exercise video.
  5. Supporting my gut health by eating naturally occurring probiotic foods. These have live active cultures of Lactobacilli which replenishes the good bacteria that are destroyed by various toxins. I’ve noticed a big difference in my cycle. The cabbage promotes cellular growth in the intestines and ultimately restores enzymes needed to assist the systems of the body. I recommend Bubbies brand and Superkrauts brand.
  6. Started adding Ningxia Red Wolfberry Juice to my daily regimen. It contains a great whole food source of protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins as well as healthly pure grade essential oils. This helps maintain normal cellular regeneration and also contains high levels of the powerful antioxidant d-limonene which is used to prevent disease.

Back to my thoughts on the Moon; I’ve decided it must be the fertile earth’s cycle, hence the name, Mother-Earth!

How else would the ground we walk on be so fertile and produce all the right conditions for rebirth amongst all its inhabitants? So long as Mother-Earth has her moon, she will bring fourth life.

As for my son’s random thoughts, I woke up in time for our homeschool day to begin and I couldn’t wait to tell him about the random thought I had had in the middle of the night.

I said, “Son, I told you I’d let you know when I had a random thought! Do you want to hear one I just had?”

He said, “Ok.”

“I was watching the full moon set in the middle of the night and it gave me this random thought about how the moon phases reminds me of me as a woman and the phases I go through every day of every month and since I love the moon in all its phases, it helps me realize I am also beautifully made and that you are beautifully made, and that we all can see how amazing each one of us are just by looking up at the moon.”

My son with his big beautiful blue eyes responded and said “Mom, I meant funny random thoughts. Like, I wonder if there are mosquito snobs out there that only suck AB- or O- blood types. Not deep philosophical thoughts on why we should love ourselves.”

I laughed, and he laughed, and we just watched the dogs play tug of war with dad’s socks.


278 Comments on “The Moon’s Phases and Me”

  1. Catness

    My pride rose up in me. My maternal ancestry said moon on girls and boys. Mother earth smiled and I heard my mother say I am remembered and I am at peace. Thank you Jesse

  2. Melissa

    Jesi you are brilliant and you are unique. I love your word about the moon! Interestingly the app I have to track my period also uses the moon as a tracking device to decide when it will be here!

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts and your sons reaction to such a deep thought is typical! I love it!

  3. Susan

    I also have a deep connection with the moon as well as our solar system. I was able to attend the solar eclipse in Nashville where I got to enjoy it in totality. It was emotional, inspirational and unforgettable. Your random thought is thought provoking. 🙂

  4. Kelly Michele

    You my dear are my moon sister!!! I love it and can’t wait to read more!!

  5. Marea

    Hilarious! Out of the mouths of babes, for sure. You are a natural writer, and I look forward to future posts. Now, I look forward to evening walks for digestion (when it’s warmer) and glances at the moon. Well done!

  6. John

    You never cease to amaze me and show me a new wonderful piece of your person. Much like I show you New and exciting places I can leave my dirty socks.

  7. Jesi

    Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words. I look forward to sharing more blogs the first Friday of every month this year. Please subscribe to be notified.

  8. Jesi

    Thank you Marea. This is true! My son gives me more content that I’ll be sure to use in the future. Please feel free to subscribe to get notified when I post my next blog. Thank you so much for your kind words.

  9. Jesi

    Thank you Kelly. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on more of my blogs. Please feel free to subscribe to get notified when I post my next blog. Thank you again my Moon Sister.

  10. Jesi

    Thank you Susan. I enjoyed so much when you shared video of your experience at totality. Thank you for sharing that.

  11. Suzanne

    I love this! I often wonder why my aunt flo has disappeared these last several months now…. I don’t miss her! Although waking up naked has me thinking…. Is her disappearance worth it??? I’m freezing in the morning but sweating to death while I try to sleep…. Uhhh….I can’t win! I can’t wait to read your next blog! I love you my dear friend xoxoxoxo

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