Oil Pulling

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I recently started oil pulling and discovered that it wasn’t too bad once I included a few drops of YL Peppermint Oil in my preparation. I mixed 5 drops of peppermint eo to 1 cup of organic coconut oil. I then put portions in my PC silicone trays that I normally use for freezing herbs. It makes it easier in the morning to pop some out and swish it in my mouth while I am showering. It is REAL important to note do not spit down your drain … I just keep a cup in the shower. I am excited to note that my teeth are looking whiter these days in addition to feeling super clean!

ear pulling

Essential Oils for Back Pain

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The following oils would either be applied neat or a carrier oil depending on the oil. There are recipes for muscular fatigue, pain for lower & upper, discs & calcification! I provide education so you get the oil suited to your needs.

  1. PanAway (my favorite and comes in our PSK kit that is HALF OFF)
  2. Deep Relief Roll On (already has carrier oil)
  3. Valor
  4. Sandalwood
  5. Marjoram


Important Disclaimer

While I love essential oils & use for my occasional back pain, it is also important that you know when to get professional help. If you are experiencing numbness, radiating pain down one leg, or difficulty urinating then for sure seek medical attention.

Sleepy Oils

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Aromatherapy can be used as part of an overall wellness approach to enhance sleep, improve cognition, reduce anxiety, pained nausea.

Here are the best ways to use essential oils for sleep.

  • Diffuse essential oils in the air
  • Add essential oils to the bath
  • Make a linen spray and spray them on sheets and pillows
  • Apply essential oils topically on the feet, neck, wrists and/or stomach

My favorite go-to is a 10 ml roller bottle of lavender and cedarwood. Message me for other alternative recipes to fit exactly your need!

Essential Oil Diffusing Blends for Men

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My number one pick of the oils mentioned in this article is SHUTRAN.
This blend of 9 amazing oils promote wellness in addition to smelling just like a great man’s cologne!

man oil pic

My favorite YL diffuser is the Dessert because it is IONIZED and it goes for choice of 6 , 8 or 10 Hours! The muted color choices make it a nice, classic home decor piece. Click this link to read about them!


Let me educate you – not all essential oils on market are SAFE

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Companies can put organic, therapeutic, grade A … whatever the heck they want on their product. We have a genuine Seed to Seal , therapeutic grade oil. There are loads of testimonies out there to back this statement up. I can personally recommend carrier oils, depending on the oil you are diluting. I can also suggest placement when doing oils “neat” on the skin. The feet is often the first choice.. ask me why?eosafety pers