Name: Nancy Flowers Kom
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Thank you for taking the time to look around my website. I have a love and passion for Young Living Products and use them everyday. Young living is that rare company with the ability to penetrate every aspect of life. The products with prayer have changed my life, family, ministry, and many other lives around me. I am excited God is bringing HIS truth about Young Living Essential Oils to the forefront of this day and hour we live in. I am on a Health Mission to help others take positive action on our health every single day to prevent unease in the body God's Way with God's Given Resources. It is time we stand up and not give in to the demands of modern day society that says"take a Pill for every ill", but Stand with God on HIs way to Natural Well being. Young Living Essential Oils are a God sent!! I am Proof of there goodness and many others I know have been loving and using them on a daily bases as will. I have studied and used these amazing products for over 9 years and would encourage you to Get These Oils, Supplements and Home Products and see how God can Change your life. Whether you are eager to learn more about wellness or have a desire to create a healthier, safer home for your family, or an interest in joining the Young Living Team, my phone and email are always open. Every Blessing Nancy Flowers Kom 337-654-6251 Nancy Flowers Kom spent over 10 years working alongside Sharnael Wolverton as a Swiftfire Ministries board member to help establish the ministry and put on 4 conferences a year. She was part of the leadership team overseeing administration of the events. It wasn’t until 2009 that she joined Young Living and started pursuing it as a business a year later. Within two years Nancy made Silver and a couple years later found herself in Ecuador celebrating at the Gold Retreat. Equipping others to “Take Charge” of their Mental, Physical and Spiritual Wellness is her passion.

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