It Is a Lemon

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Did You Know? *It takes approximately 75 lemons to make one 15-ml bottle of Lemon essential oil. *Lemon essential oil is cold pressed from the rinds of Citrus lemon fruit.   *The lemon tree is an evergreen and grows about 20 feet tall. *The has been known to be a hybrid between the bitter orange and the citron. *The lemon was … Read More

Back to School Essentials

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Fall is one of our favorite seasons of the year, it’s cooler than summer, warmer than winter, and the changing colors are simply gorgeous. It’s also the time of year when school starts again and the hustle and bustle of life seem to go into overdrive. With so much going on in our busy schedules, it’s easy to let wellness … Read More

The Benefits of Pure Therapeutic Oils

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Pure therapeutic oils enhance your emotional, spiritual and physical health. Did you know that through clinical research, scientists have discovered that essential oils raise the frequency of the human body thus balancing it to its optimal level?  It’s true. Research has proven that essential oils quickly penetrate through the skin.  Because of their ability to penetrate through the skin essential … Read More

Kitchen Project

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Good evening to all.  I am saying “Good Evening” because it is 10:50pm on Friday night.  So, what does one do on a Friday night?  This person just got off a ladder.  You see, I am in the mist of painting our kitchen.  Exciting, right?   As I look at the work in process it is exciting.  If you had seen … Read More

Citrus and Teeth

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Is Citrus Essential Oils Safe for Teeth? Because citrus juice has been proven to cause tooth enamel erosion, there have been some questions about the effect of citrus essential oils on teeth as well. As part of Young Living’s unwavering commitment to quality and safety, our Research and Development team, le by renowned oral care exert and former Section President … Read More

White Angelica

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Hi there!  Glad you could visit Oiling2Wellness, Purpose and Abundance Blog page. You may have read the August 8th blog on Young Living’s Angelica essential oil.  This blog is to introduce you to White Angelica (Angelica archangelica) and the difference between the two. Angelica essential oil comes in a 5ml bottle and is a single oil.   Angelica is from … Read More

Work from Home

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Looking for work-from-home business opportunities? Want financial freedom and a sense of purpose? Young Living can help you reach your dreams and live the life you’ve imagined! You’ll not only find tools and products that help you support your healthy lifestyle with pure essential oils, you’ll also discover direct sales opportunities and an empowering community. Find your purpose with endless … Read More


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Angelica oil (Angelica archangelica) has soothing qualities that help relax nerves and muscles. In Germany, angelica was historically referred to as the “oil of angels,” in part because of its ability to calm anxiety, restore happy memories, and bring peaceful sleep. Traditional medicine practitioners used angelica as a stimulant, digestive tonic, and expectorant. Ingredients 100% pure therapeutic grade angelica (Angelica … Read More

Wellness Journey

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Want to Try Authentic Essential Oils? Please take the time to read about them here and decide if they might be something to add to your healthy routine! I am here to help you along your journey toward wellness, purpose and abundance.  If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below or click on the contact me … Read More


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The blend of essential oils found in Hope™ brings an aroma that invites you to restore your faith by reconnecting with feelings of strength and stability.   Hope™ helps you reconnect with feelings of strength and grounding, restoring hope for tomorrow. This unique blend brings together the benefits of essential oils with the power to uplift and balance the emotions, making … Read More