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I want to share a few meal prep ideas that will save time. Meal prepping isn’t just for fitness junkies. It’s a useful way of getting through the week eating well while saving time, so you can PAMPER yourself later!

Double Batch Freezer-Friendly Meals
If you are already making a big portion of a freezer-friendly meal, such as lasagna, then go ahead and make a double batch. Simply cut and freeze the uneaten half for a quick reheated meal later in the week.

Prepare Easy Smoothie Bags and Freeze
If you’re a fan of smoothies then consider preparing smoothie bags. Chop up your fruits and any other ingredients in a freezer bag and save. Having ready-to-go portions is great for breakfasts-to-go or for families that like to make smoothies.

Take Advantage of Your Slow Cooker

Break out your dusty crock pot and put it to work. Very large slow cookers make it super easy to make big batches of stews, soups, casseroles, and other dishes in advance. Divide into portions and freeze (or refrigerate). Since a slow cooker is a “set it and forget it” situation it hardly takes any time at all.

Pamper time. You deserve it!
Keep in mind that there are no hard or fast rules for meal prepping. Do what works for you and your family. Then use that time you saved and schedule a little pampering time. You deserve it!
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