Camping in the Fall

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“Hello”  to my readers.  Thank you for joining me.

Well here in Michigan we have had the most interesting being to autumn, with record breaking high temperatures of up to 91°s.  Thank goodness for air conditioning in the Motor Home.  While we did spend a lot of time outdoors, we had relief when needed.  We were out for the week and just returned home yesterday.  Loved, loved, loved the high temps because here in Michigan the winters seem so long.   With high temperature and falling leaves, the only real down fall is the autumn colors for the most part will probably be missed. trees By the time the temperatures turn cold enough for a frost, which the leaves need to turn to their beautiful fall colors, the leave will mostly be on the ground already.  So we are to have a cold front come through and should drop the temps to about 75° today.

I just love camping!  We were in one of our Outdoor Adventures, Inc. campground in OTawasBaymer, Michigan called Wilderness Resort.  While there we visited the city of Tawas, known as the Tawas Bay Area.    We visited a few of the shops and walked the pier out into Lake Huron. Lake Huron is huge!  We had our Tanner with us and as we were walking back to shore something caught his eye and he would not move.  I had to pick him up and carry him back.  The only thing we can think of is that he caught sight on water on both side and below him.  Poor guy, I had to pick him up and carry him back.

If you are in that area and have not yet visited Tawas, I hope you do.  Here is a picture of the lighthouse in Tawas.
tawas lighthouse
If you like camping, where is favorite place to camp?  What type of unit do you camp/live from?
We have a 311fs Coachman Leprechaun.  Not too big, not too small  😀 camper

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