Essential Oils and Cats

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bcHow we love our furry friends! Today I just want to share some things about using essential oils and having cats in the home.

It all started when I was in the beauty salon chair getting a hair touch-up. Yep, the gray roots were showing pretty good. No mind you, two days before my appointment I had two different people tell me how good my hair looked. Doesn’t always go that way 

Well, there were a few other women in the salon that own cats and they use Young Living essential oils. This one particular woman was really concerned about using the oils around her cat because of all the hype surfacing on Facebook about the subject. I had mentioned to her that we have a cats and I have not notices any ill effects with them and we use Young Living’s essential oils in our diffuse and topically all the time.

As we were discussing the matter, we came to the conclusion of where the information or supposedly facts were coming from. You must admit that essential oils are becoming very popular these days. If you think about it, they were the only way of caring for issues many, many years ago. Even back to the Biblical days. Our other thought was, how pure (or not so) of an oil were they talking about? Knowing that Young Living essential oils are the purest you can find.

I told her that I would do more research on the topic and mentioned to her that she could Google the topic. The other good source of information was to come from a veterinarian she uses that treat animals holistically. She was going to text me the information she got from her Vet. This morning I received that text and this is what she shared, her main concern was Thieves as she uses it everywhere in her house including washing floor. So this is it…………. Hi Pat, Thieves is not toxic to cats. Some cats are sensitive to any oil. Use carefully and watch for negative symptoms. Definitely only purest oils and follow directions. Use only ½ hr 3 times a day. Definitely no citrus oils. Young Living can give you a list of oils that should not be used around cats. Also limit to 1-2 drops and put diffuser away from animals.

The Young Living Essential Oils Veterinary Advisory Council provides valuable insight into the development of their pioneering essential oils and oil-infused products.  Click HERE to see specific products for pets.

Note:  Please check with your veterinarian about their opinion of essential oils and your pet.  If they are not familiar with essential oils, please direct them to my web site.
Remember to give you furry friend an extra hug 🙂


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