Essential Oils and the Workplace

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Do you use essential oils at work?

If you haven’t tried it yet, you may find joy in turning to your oils in the workplace.  If diffusing feels a bit outside of your comfort zone, especially in a smaller or shared work environment, I have several other ways you can enjoy the benefits of your essential oils while on the clock.

A bonus to exploring essential oils at work is that it opens the door for conversation about them with your coworkers or customers. I don’t know about you, but I always love a good excuse to share Young Living with those around me.

Check out these creative ways to use essential oils on the go – 

1. Palm or bottle method
Add a drop or two to the palm of your hand, using a carrier oil as needed, and rub them together. Cup your hands over your nose and mouth and inhale deeply, enjoying the aroma. If it’s not an oil you feel safe using directly on your skin, try taking deep whiffs straight from the bottle every few minutes.  

2. Use a cotton ball or two 
Add a few drops of the oil (or blend) of your choice to a cotton ball. You can wedge it in the vent of your car, tuck it inside your shirt pocket or place it on top of your work station. Be mindful of oils that may leave behind a stain!

3. In your water or tea
Some essential oils are safe to ingest and you may find you enjoy adding them to beverages you consume while at work. Keep a glass water bottle or mug on hand if you plan to add essential oils. 

4. DIY air spritzer
If you want to have a quick and natural air freshener on hand, try a DIY room spray using witch hazel and your essential oils. It’s best to keep your mixture in a tinted glass spray bottle meant for essential oils.

Young Living does offer products to help you use and travel with your oils safely.  Two great ones in particular, especially if we’re talking about use in the workplace, are travel size protective cases and sample size bottles.  

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