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So many people love, love,smileyheart their essential oils, while others might tell you they don’t work for them.  I would have to ask of the later if they know for sure that the oils they used were pure and unadulterated.  Here are a few thoughts to ponder when using essential oils.

DON’T buy perfume (fragrance) oils thinking they are the same thing as essential oils. Perfume oils do not offer the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Perfume oils are synthetic, essential oils are pure and when breathed in can offer therapeutic benefits. These benefits do not occur with the use of perfume oils.

(When someone walked into the office today, they asked who smells so good.  My essential oils have replaced my once favored colognes and body sprays.)

DON’T buy essential oils with rubber glass dropper tops or clear glass. Essential oils are very concentrated and may turn the rubber to a gum, ruining the oil.  Buy oils in dark glass (amber or cobalt blue), these protect the oil from direct sun light.

DO read as much as you can on the benefits of essential oils.  Pure, top grade essential oils, like Young Living Essential Oils, can be used
aromatically, topically, or internally.

DO be selective of where you purchase your essential oils. The quality of essential oils varies widely from company to company. Additionally, some companies may falsely claim that their oils are undiluted or pure when they aren’t.  Look at our Young Living Essential Oil promise of Seed to Seal®.  It is both a promise to you and a reflection of their sense of global stewardship. Only one company can make the Seed to Seal promise. Only Young Living.”

DO learn to compare oil names when shopping for oils.  Eucalyptus for example is the common names of plants used to create essential oils and may truly be a fragrance oil.  Look for Essential Oils that list their Latin name as well as their common name. It is important to pay attention to the botanical name.

DO look for the country of origin for the oil. Most good essential oil sellers will readily supply the botanical names and country of origin for the oils that they sell. When comparing one company’s oils with another’s, also pay attention to if either company’s oils are organic, wild-crafted or ethically farmed.

DON’T purchase oils from vendors at street fairs, craft shows, or other limited-time events. Some vendors know beginners have no recourse against them later. This is not to say that there are not highly reputable sellers at such events, but this is a caution for beginners who are not able to reliably judge quality.  ~When you see me at one of these events, you can be sure that I am representing Young Living and practice their model pure and ethical standards.

DO pay special attention to all safety information on all essential oils that you use. This is even more important if you have any medical condition or are pregnant.

DO ~Last but not least, do enjoy introducing these wonderful Young Living Essential Oils into your lifestyle!

Now is the time to start your Essential Oil Journey with me.   And I am really excited to help you.  The best way to start your new life with essential oils is with the Premium Starter Kit. Simply click here and let me help you to a life of wellness, purpose, and abundance.


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