Too Busy To Exercise

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We all probably know that developing a regular exercise routine is important for overall health, whether we are focusing on a specific goal (i.e. weight loss) or simply looking to achieve a maintainable level of fitness. Exercise is not only a vital key to feeling great physically, and the benefits that come with a healthy body, but also is crucial … Read More

Ease Arthritis Pain with Exercise

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Ease Arthritis Pain with Exercise Walking around the block, raising your arms over your head to take something off a shelf and bending over to tie your shoes can be challenging if you have arthritis.  Exercising cam make these and other activities easier and less painful. Exercise is good for everyone.  It can increase flexibility, tone muscles, build stronger bones … Read More

Walking to Better Health

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One day while at work someone came into the office and was talking about the steps she had not taken yet and her day was almost over.  For some reason while on a camping trip with my husband and our Chorkie who goes by the name of Tanner, that conversation came to my mind.  Why would I think of that … Read More