Five secrets of Elemi essential oil

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Elemi essential oil  occasionally flies under the radar, despite its cousins Frankincense and Myrrh grabbing a lot of attention. But don’t let that distract you—this resin family is a terrific trio, not just a dynamic duo. Get ready! Elemi is about to reveal all its secrets! Origins welcome addition to the Young Living family. The Happy Pili Tree Farm, filled with … Read More

6 Essential Oils Your Skin Loves

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6 Essential Oils Your Skin Loves For centuries many cultures have looked to essential oils to enhance their daily lives, perform religious rites, support wellness, and wear as perfumes. Not only are essential oils extremely versatile but many also contain naturally occurring constituents that are practically made for one particular usage: beautifying the skin. Unlike skin care products that rely on … Read More

Eye Health

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Every cell in your body needs a unique combination of nutrients to thrive.  Example: we all know that our bones need calcium. Without calcium, we have osteoporosis. The truth is our body uses MANY different nutrients ~ essential oils, minerals, vitamins, hormones, enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, fats & even water to clean, repair & build NEW HEALTHY cells.  When the RIGHT … Read More