Bubble Bars with Essential Oils

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Work hard, play hard—but don’t forget to relax! A hot bath brimming with bubbles can transform any day into a delightful one. Whether baths are essential to your routine or an occasional indulgence, you are going to love these bubble bars. DIY bubble bars with essential oils Learn how to make them! Yield: 6-8 bubble bars Time: About 30 minutes … Read More

Got Stress ~Part 2

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Got Stress ~Part 2 Relax. It’s good for you; you deserve it; and it takes less time than you think! The key to managing daily stress is to learn healthy coping strategies. In this, the second part of my Relieving Stress series, I’ll share more ideas for quick, simple ways to relax your mind and body. Straighten Up Taking a … Read More

Got Stress ~Part 1

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Got Stress ~Part 1 Whether it comes from the busy tax season or juggling family and work schedules, everyone experiences stress in their lives. We can’t always control what challenges we face, but we can control how we react. In the first part of my Relieving Stress series, I’m going to share some simple things that I have found useful … Read More