Essential Oils and Cats

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How we love our furry friends! Today I just want to share some things about using essential oils and having cats in the home. It all started when I was in the beauty salon chair getting a hair touch-up. Yep, the gray roots were showing pretty good. No mind you, two days before my appointment I had two different people … Read More

6 Oils that Do (Almost) Everything

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6 Oils that Do (Almost) Everything 27 April 5, 2017 – At Home, Essential Oil Recipes, Essential Oils, How to Use Essential Oils, How to Use Vitality Essential Oil, Vitality™ essential oils, Wellness, Young Living Lifestyle When it comes to using one product to complete multiple tasks on our conquer-the-world list, we count on a few essential oils. Like a … Read More

Chemical Free Home

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10 Ways To Get Started For A Chemical Free Home Then you have come to the right place. How to live a chemically free can seem a little daunting when you begin thinking about changing your  lifestyle , house and most anything as toxic chemicals are just about everywhere. It’s a fact of our modern life! Here are 10 easy ways to … Read More

Back to School Essentials

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Fall is one of our favorite seasons of the year, it’s cooler than summer, warmer than winter, and the changing colors are simply gorgeous. It’s also the time of year when school starts again and the hustle and bustle of life seem to go into overdrive. With so much going on in our busy schedules, it’s easy to let wellness … Read More

Home Should be a Place of Refuge

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Creating a healthy home is easy when Young Living simplifies the switch to plant and mineral based cleaners. Good for the earth, good for your home! A home should be a place of refuge, a place where you and your loved ones feel comfortable, protected and happy.  At the core of this is a sense of safety and security, an environment … Read More