Why Dilute Essential Oils

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Essential oils do not become less effective when a carrier oil (such as coconut oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, olive oil or V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex) is added, instead it just delays absorption into the skin so there is a longer lasting effect and a larger surface area can be covered than when an oil is used neat or undiluted.  Plus, a carrier oil will help them stick around longer!  With Young Living’s oils being so pure and potent, it is easy to forget that 1 drop will go a long way.  30 drops of oil in a 10 ml roller will work, but maybe 5-10 is all that is needed for the same result.  Neat oils can always be diluted in a roll on to great effect.

It is best to start slow, and dilute more that suggested here, then you can always add more EO or carrier oil to make YOUR perfect blend.  The amount listed is the maximum amount recommended and usually will not be needed.   If you have sensitive skin or are elderly, definitely use less EO  🙂

General dilution guidelines for different ages are usually too general, listing a percentage and recommendations such as 1 drop per teaspoon.  This is great, but doesn’t distinguish between different recommended dilution ratios from Young Living.  Lavender requires no dilution for adults and Thieves specifies 4 drops of carrier oil to 1 drop of EO so 1 drop in a teaspoon of carrier oil in not going to be the right amount for both of these oils.

How to Dilute
On the back of your essential oil label, it will say something like ‘Dilute 1 drop with 4 drops V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex or carrier oil of your choice, if that particular essential oil needs to be diluted.

If you have a glass dropper, you can certainly count out drops of your carrier oil to be precise.  If not, you can pour a small amount of carrier into your palm to approximate the number of drops, and then add a drop of essential oil.  Then you can mix the oils with the tips of the fingers on your other hand and spread the mixture where you need to.

Many oilers like to take an empty 15ml essential oil bottle, then fill it with a carrier (like V-6) and add a glass dropper top so they can readily dilute any oil.

Some oilers make pre-diluted mixes… for instance, if you always dilute Peace & Calming 1 drop Peace & Calming to 4 drops carrier, you can take an empty bottle, fill it 1/5 with Peace & Calming and 4/5 with carrier.  Then you can add a roller top, the regular bottle orifice, or a glass dropper so it’s always ready to apply.

Here is a short video that may be helpful, Thank you Angie!

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