Step by Step Instructions On How To Order

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The Premium Starter Kit is the most economical way to begin your oily journey. It comes with 11 oils, a diffuser, samples, small oil bottles, and more! It is about 50% off of the retail price! After you purchase your premium starter kit, you are considered a wholesale member. This simply means that all of your future purchases are 24% off of retail! The best part about being a wholesale member is the support. We have several Facebook groups full of education and helpful advice.



Step By Step Instructions (Feel free to email me at any point if you have questions about the sign up process –

1. Head over to the Young Living page here and choose your country.

2. Click Continue Button found on the lower right area of your screen

3. Pick a username, password, a 4-digit PIN (Write it down – You’ll need it to log in!)

4. Choose your Premium Starter Kit based on which diffuser appeals most to you. What does the Kit come with? 11 bottles of oils, a nice ultrasonic diffuser, Ningxia samples, lots of literature on how to use the oils, sharing bottles, oils samples and more! (Please see above image for reference)

5. Choose whether or not you would like to be an Essential Rewards Member. What are the benefits?

  • You will have the oils you choose shipped to your door every month! It’s worth every penny!
  • Shipping is cheaper, and you qualify for bonus oils if you spend 190, 250, or 300PV (*may incur customs taxes, so do note).
  • You also get 10% back in free oils (no matter what you spend) for the first 3 months, 20% back after 4 months, and 25% back after 25 months. You must spend 50 PV each month to maintain Essential Rewards. You can change the date your order ships each month, and you pick the oils you want. You may also cancel at anytime.


Select “Continue Shopping” if you’d like to add other items to your cart.

To learn more about your oils, log into your Virtual Office at, “sign in” and check out the short videos on the “Getting Started” tab. Welcome to Young Living!