Name: Princess Castor
Member #: 13833844
Phone: 415-827-2185
Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my web page. I am a pharmacist by profession for almost two decades. I am wife and a mom of two kids. As much as I am in modern medicine practice, I truly believe and appreciate the power of natural health benefits of God's creation, the plants. Thus, I am sharing my new found passion that I discovered with essential oils and its related products, which my family use regularly to support our overall health. Learn and feel free to share my page to anyone you care who can benefit with these natural products as well as this wonderful home-based business opportunity that inspires people from around the world who are seeking for wellness, purpose, and abundance. I can do group or one on one Intro Classes or informal meetings to share the basics of Young Living essential oils and how to live a less toxic/non- toxic lifestyle using daily products that are plant based, and not only safe and harsh chemical free, but most importantly, help support your physical and mental health everyday while loving our planet. This is why I oil up purposely. Hope to hear from you soon!

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