A Classy Touch

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Adding a classy touch to a card or note with the unique aroma of your favorite essential oil is easier than you thought.  Whether you are looking to add a touch of romance or just trying to brighten someone’s  day, scenting your note with a complimentary essential oil will only enhance the message you are sending.


Here’s how!mail

Take 5-10 sheets of the stationary, note cards, paper, cards, or envelopes and place them in a large plastic storage bag,
I like to use the freezer bags because they are a bit thicker.
Drop 10-20 drops of your desired essential oil or blend on a cotton ball or wipe, fold into a paper towel and place in bag.  If you don’t have cotton ball you can place the oils on the paper towel and fold so the essential oil isn’t able to touch the paper, just sent it.
Seal the bag and allow to sit 1-2 days so that the aroma can permeate through the paper.
leave in bag and when ready to send, remove and use as you normally would.


Simple Ideas fallUsing Essential oils.

Using this technique to spice up Valentines, love notes, birthday cards, Christmas Cards, event invitations, or any other letter or note.

  • Spice up your Valentine or love notes, with any of the following Young Living Essential oils: Sensation, Mister, Shutran, Idaho Blue Spruce, just to name a few.
  • Birthday cards with: Young Living Joy, Oola Friends, Oola Fun, Oola Family,or Abundance just to name a few.
  • Christmas cards with: Young Living Christmas Spirit, Pine, 3 Wise men, Frankincense, Myrrh (oh there are so many that would work for Christmas)
  • Event Invitations: Young Living Abundance, Acceptance, Joy, Awaken, Build Your Dreams, Envision, Dream Catcher again just so many that would work here.