Energy? What’s that?? Haven’t had it since I was a kid…

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I have good energy for someone my age (50) … and it’s because of some of the tools I use to keep me energetic. Ironically, when I was in my 30’s (before I discovered the importance of nutrition ) I had less energy than I do now. I talk to people every single day and  the #1 thing people want more … Read More

Why you should diffuse oils

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Diffusing essential oils puts essential oils is the quickest easiest way to get oils into you. We breathe them in and they immediately come into contact with the nerves that send them right to the brain, especially the emotional center. The brain does all kinds of smart things with these aroma “signals” that benefit us. Here’s one really good reason … Read More

Drink WATER- What’s your FLAVORITE oil?

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    Some folks just don’t like to drink plain water. They find it boring and so… they don’t drink enough liquids. That’s bad. Not good at all. Drinking water is essential. The body loses water through urine and sweat and those fluids need to be replaced. “It is my strong belief that the single most powerful intervention the majority … Read More

3 Things you’ll want in your gym (tennis) bag

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I’ve never been so grateful to have 3 simple things in my tennis bag. Ningxia Red, Ningxia Nitro and my oils. I just played in a 3 day tennis tournament for fun (well ok, maybe I DO love the competition). We played 2-3 matches each day and the matches could last 1-2 hours each depending on how crafty your opponent was  … Read More

What’s that RED juice (Ningxia Red)?

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NingXia Red is Young Living’s wildly popular supplement drink designed to energize, fortify & revitalize body and mind. It’s loaded with phytonutrients. So what? You might be thinking, welcome to the crowded space of “energy drinks”. Not really. Here’s why Ningxia Red (some people pronounce it ‘ninja’) is worth earmarking some of your grocery  & wellness budget: Helps prevent against oxidative stress. … Read More

Blends with Benefits

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An essential oil blend is more than one essential oil mixed together, sometimes with a carrier oil (but not always). Why blend oils – because you can increase the benefit of a single oil when you pair it with other oils… if you know what you’re doing. Anyone can blend an oil, but not everyone can create a blend that … Read More